1. Live at Trafo: Jena, Germany 12-7-22
    Simon Joyner & Caleb Dailey

  2. This is Where the Ocean Begins
    Simon Joyner/Michael Krassner/Fred Lonberg Holm

  3. One Carried A Lantern
    Simon Joyner & The Echoes

  4. Songs from a Stolen Guitar

  5. Bedspring Symphony
    Simon Joyner & David Nance

  6. A Pleasure Then EP (2003)
    Simon Joyner & The Bruces

  7. Hotel Lives Demos 1999-2000

  8. Solo Omaha House Show 12/27/14

  9. Denny & Nighttime (A digital single)

  10. Bring Down Goliath b/w A Simple Song

  11. Live in LA (Living Room Show 2-15-20)

  12. Step Into the Earthquake

  13. Live at Missy Sippy (Gent, Belgium) Nov. 29th 2016

  14. Salt Across Your Graves EP
    Simon Joyner & The Ghosts

  15. Simon Joyner & The Bingo Trappers Oct. 21st 2012

  16. Simon Joyner Trio (Michael Krassner, Glenn Kotche) WSRN Radio Show 1998

  17. WNYU New Afternoon Show Radio Sessions: 1997 & 2004

  18. Simon Joyner & The Bruces
    Simon Joyner & The Bruces

  19. Live in Berlin at The Monarch Nov. 27, 2019

  20. Ghosts (Acoustic Demos)

  21. Blue Melody (Live From the South)

  22. Some Only Let the Jukebox Hear Them Weep (Live in Phoenix 2014)

  23. Pocket Moon

  24. Pocket Moon

  25. Low Fidelities & Infidelities (Demos/Covers/Collaborations)
    Simon Joyner & Friends

  26. Pocket Moon Demos

  27. Last Stand Blues: Live at the Barn Deluxxe

  28. Bali Shag / A Leaf, A Ramble (split 7" w/L.Eugene Methe)

  29. Grass, Branch & Bone

  30. Ghosts

  31. Out Into The Snow

  32. Skeleton Blues

  33. Beautiful Losers: Singles & Compilation Tracks

  34. Lost With the Lights On

  35. Hotel Lives

  36. The Lousy Dance

  37. Yesterday Tomorrow And In Between

  38. Songs For The New Year

  39. Heaven's Gate

  40. The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll

  41. Room Temperature


Simon Joyner Omaha, Nebraska

Simon Joyner is a singer-songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska. He's been flying under the radar since 1991, releasing music on various independent labels including: Team Love, Jagjaguwar, Sing Eunuchs!, Catsup Plate, One-Hour, Shrimper, Brinkman, Secretly Canadian, and Unread. He is also the co-founder of Grapefruit Records (grapefruitrecordclub.com) and an occasional producer of other people's albums. ... more

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